Rest easy, here’s a smart robot which not only mows your lawn automatically but improves it too: British made Flymo EasiLife 500 Robotic Mower: Exclusive Members’ price

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If you have been considering a robotic mower to cut your lawn automatically, this might be the one. We have been waiting until both the technology improved, and the price become more sensible, and now our garden specialist is happy to recommend this to you: it’s the new range of Flymo EasiLife Robotic Mowers. Product of British engineering knowhow and Swedish design, they are made in Newton Aycliffe by Husqvarna, who have the highest reputation in robotics, specialising to such an extent that they have just produced their millionth robot!
The mower cuts your lawn up to its perimeter—pre-decided by you—in a random pattern, continually cutting the tips of the blades of grass as it goes, which then mulch the lawn—there’s no emptying the grass, in itself a boon. It can cope with fairly steep inclines, avoid trees and other obstacles, is quiet enough to run at night and can even cut effectively in the rain without damaging the lawn.
There are three new models, all battery powered, each with its own charging station. The model to choose depends entirely on the square footage of the lawn to be mown: the EasiLife 200 mows 200 square metres (2,152 sq ft), the EasiLife 350 mows 350 sq m (3,767 sq ft) and the EasiLife 500—you guessed it!—mows 500 sq m (5,381 sq ft). It mows quietly, daily, without you lifting a finger after initial set-up and some general maintenance.
An added bonus is that the regular mowing and mulching, which returns fine grass clippings back into the lawn, acts as a natural fertilizer and gives a healthier, greener lawn—it doesn’t do ‘stripey lawns’, sad to say, but it does allow you more time to spend sipping gin-and-tonic and reading a good book!
Width (cm) 38, Length (cm) 55, Height (cm) 23.
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