Parker-Hale PS2 Deluxe Gun Cleaning Kit in a wooden case: best price for this, the ultimate gun cleaning set, created by the UK specialists to provide all you need to keep best guns in top condition

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Here is the ultimate shotgun cleaning kit, the Parker-Hale PS2, in a smart purpose made wooden case. It really looks the part, the ideal cleaning kit for even your best guns. It’s a superb set, created by the experts to contain everything you need to clean a shotgun thoroughly.

Each top-quality  piece is laid out neatly in its special compartment within the wooden case, so it is tidy and ready for use—there will be no more worries about trying to find all the kit you need for the gun-cleaning ritual which is so essential for shotgun maintenance.

Includes three piece deluxe rod, Youngs ‘303’ oil, Express Gun Oil, phosphor bronze brush, wool mop, brass jag and Payne Galway Brush nickel snap caps and nickel oil bottle.

It comes in 12g and contains all you need for the gun cleaning ritual to begin! Makes an excellent and extremely discerning gift for a shooting man.

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