To Ravenna, home of the most celebrated mosaics in Western Art: Stay in classical Italian style at Villa Roncuzzi, where the owner Patrizia Poggi will welcome you

Of the hundreds of Italian cities that never reach most travel itineraries,
 none is more worthy of recognition and close inspection than the historic city of Ravenna, home of the most celebrated mosaics in Western art.

It is easy to fall in love with the Italian city of Ravenna. Its welcoming people, delicious cuisine, sublime art and rich history make it a masterpiece. Ravenna was a capital city three times: first of the Western Roman Empire, then of the Ostrogothic Kingdom and lastly of the Byzantine Exarchate in Italy. Even after that, it was held by the Venetians, the Pope and Napoleon. 

All these cultural and artistic influences gave Ravenna a unique look and a diverse atmosphere that it is still possible to feel today, walking the streets of the historic centre. Ravenna is the home of the most celebrated mosaics in Western art. Eight monuments are listed as part of Unesco’s World Heritage. One of them, the Museo Arcivescovile, with the enclosed Cappella di Sant’Andrea, has reopened after years of restoration. Here the art-loving visitor can enjoy the beauty at leisure, on foot, and without worrying about the crowds that flock elsewhere.

The friendliness of the local people, and Ravenna’s slow, gentle rhythm, are two reasons why the city is always listed among those with the highest quality of life in Italy. As for the third—wait until you try the food! This is the Italian region where food is even more highly praised than art. Make sure you sample the piadina, flatbread folded and filled in many different ways (most commonly ham and cheese), passatelli (a kind of pasta served in broth) and cappelletti or tagliatelle with rag,u. Secondi include different types of meat. Wines are really good, too. All-time favourites are Sangiovese, among the reds, and Trebbiano among the whites.

Where to stay? To our mind, there is no more enjoyable place to stay in the Ravenna area than Hptel Villa Roncuzzi, a real treat. Family owned and run by the owner, Patrizia Poggi, it is in the calm and beautiful countryside of Romagna, a few kilometres away. It is perfect for visitors looking for relaxation and peace while touring the local historic cities—not only Ravenna but Faenza, Russi, San Marino and Rimini. And even the Adriatic Coast is not far away. This is indeed a villa for all reasons, and seasons.

Villa Roncuzzi dates back to the early 1900s. It was turned into an hotel in order to keep the atmosphere of the villa intact—from the Art Nouveau fountain which welcomes guests in front of the main entrance, to the beautiful lush garden, filled with colour throughout the year, and the historic art and antique-filled rooms. 

Hotel Villa Roncuzzi is the kind of place where art follows you around, everywhere you go. If the historic city of Ravenna is not enough for you, each of the 22 rooms of the hotel has been recently renovated and decorated with taste, using art and design to enrich the space, and a different bird of prey theme to set them apart, from gyrfalcon to golden eagle and sparrowhawk. You can tell the owner of the villa, Mrs Patrizia Poggi, is a naturalist and an art specialist. She is also a charming host, and you will want for nothing in her historic villa.

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