Gorgeous new Fine Art Silk Scarf Collection in pure Silk Chiffon: Fruit and Flowers in a Terracotta Vase by the celebrated 18th Century Dutch artist Jan van Os

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From the gorgeous new National Gallery Fine Art Silk Scarf Collection, here is ‘Fruit and Flowers in a Terracotta Vase’ by the celebrated Dutch artist Jan van Os, beautifully recreated in pure silk chiffon. This profusion of overblown flowers and luscious fruit creates a richly coloured, elegant scarf from a celebration of Nature. Van Os drifts pale pink roses to reach a white tulip—the highly prized Semper Augustus. A yellow rose and a knot of blue primulas seem to pin the composition together, with grapes spilling down on either side. Darker flowers on the lower right—a deep red rose and nasturtiums—just about balance the pineapple above.

Almost unseen, a painted lady butterfly perches in the shelter of a tulip petal. A bird’s nest, with its speckled eggs, and a mouse with its bright, black eye, dining on a walnut, are added delights. A dragonfly with iridescent wings perches on the terracotta shelf where lush grapes surround van Os’s signature and the date, made to look as if carved into the stone. He has given two dates, 1777 and 1778. The design of Dutch gardens at this time was regarded as supreme, as were the blooms they contained.

This beautiful richly coloured chiffon scarf creates the perfect artistic final touch to many outfits. it is finished with hand-rolled hems and at 180cm x 55cm (almost 6ft long by 1ft 10in) it drapes beautifully for use as a stole or a scarf, simply draped over the neck or entwined several times.

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