The Kent handmade military hairbrush: acknowledged as the world’s ultimate brush

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It may seem a simple piece of grooming kit, but in fact a proper hairbrush, which looks this handsome and will not damage the hair, takes a single craftsman three full working days to make; the entire process is over 540 hours. It will then last for ever. Surprising, perhaps. But when we see and handle the handmade Kent hairbrush pictured here, the length of time and the attention to quality and detail, become clear.

A Kent brush is considered by many to be the best and most beautiful in the world. Their craftsmen make them in Hertfordshire, entirely by hand, as they have since 1777, using all the traditional skills handed down over generations. The life of each brush begins with a block of wood, and goes through extensive drying, shaping, drilling, hand drawing, buffing and lacquering before it is ready for inspection. Only the finest Indian bristle is used, in time honoured fashion (white for generally fair, finer hair and dark for those whose hair is thicker). This natural bristle—which will not damage the hair—is meticulously stitched into the brush using the age-old method known as hand drawing. The woods used are beech, to hold the bristles, and a backing of beautiful satinwood, its golden colour prized among craftsmen brush makers. Lustrous, fragrant and smooth, the grain narrowly interlocked and variegated, satinwood is beautifully figured with so-called ‘bee’s wing’ cross-mottling. No detail is overlooked! The finished brush lasts for ever, and if repair is required this is easily done to make the brush as good as new. The result? The finest brush for your hair, inscribed with the Kent logo and Royal Warrant and presented in a smart red and gold box.
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