Taylor of Old Bond Street Luxurious Pampering Shaving Set in Sandalwood for the ultimate shave sensation

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The fine shaving products made by Taylor of Old Bond Street, established in 1854, are already Members’ favourites. And now we are delighted to have the Luxurious Pampering Shaving Set to make a man’s skin feel smoother, softer and more comfortable than ever before, as well as elegantly fragranced with the subtle notes of sandalwood, a Taylor of Old Bond Street all-time classic.
The shave starts with sandalwood pre-shave oil to prepare your skin for a closer and more comfortable shave. Not only can pre-shave oil help prevent razor burn, but it can also reduce your chance of nicks and cuts. This high-quality pre-shave oil will actually sit on the surface of your skin and help blades glide more smoothly. Next, the finest natural silver tip badger hair brush used with the world famous Taylor’s sandalwood shaving cream to create a uniquely smooth and creamy lather for a fresh shave. To finish, specially formulated without alcohol and with witch hazel, the sandalwood aftershave gel gently soothes the skin and reduces irritation, leaving a rich, masculine fragrance.
Generations of gentlemen have used Taylors’ luxurious and individual gentlemen’s grooming products. The old family firm use only the finest natural oils, herbals and fragrances, and has never compromised on quality in all their years, and these products make a significant difference to a shaving man’s shave! The set makes a discerning gift for your favourite man.
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