Miuccia necklace

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The new Miuccia necklace appeals to our desire for square-cut, geometric drama combined with natural simplicity and delicacy of form—it is beautiful, and so versatile!
Looped three times round the neck and it is short, gleaming, edgy and bold; twice and it is elegantly, pearly classical yet different; let it hang, and it is simple, long and lovely.

Its beauty lies in that gleaming natural iridescence and irregularity of each large mother-of-pearl piece, which reflects everything from the sheen of pearl to palest bronzes, creams and pinks. It is right on trend for the season’s styles and looks, and goes with everything, from nude to pastels, summer black and white, sheer, crumpled, tribal, floral—you name it.

Length 4ft 10in (147cm). 
 RRP £75. CCUK £33.

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