Unique handcrafted leather animal footstools by Omersa: From the Out of Africa Collection, here’s the world famous Elephant, standard size: just arrived!

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Omersa leather animal footstools are collectors’ items and world famous—and our Members adore them, so we are delighted to see this handsome new elephant arrive at the Club. He is a charmer! Everybody who sees him loves him.

It all started in 1927 when leather craftsman Dimitri Omersa began making his unique animals using leftover leather from his work in the luggage department at Liberty’s. He started with a pig, then came the elephant—and the rest is history. Now the animals are collectibles, individually handmade, lasting seemingly for ever and they come up in the auction houses at vastly increased prices.

This characterful leather elephant is raising his trunk in what is known in elephant terms as the ‘sniff-toward’ position, having sensed something interesting ahead. That upward trunk is generally held to be lucky—many cultures believe that the trunk of an elephant sculpture should always be curling upwards to contain one’s luck.

So here we have a most individual—and lucky—elephant, beautifully handmade in highest quality full-grain cow-hide, built around a steel frame. The leather is hand stained, waxed and polished to achieve a luxurious rich brown antique finish. And because each piece of leather responds differently to the handcrafting process, no two animals are ever alike. Each animal therefore emerges as an individual, with character and charm—just like one of the family, in fact, and they make original and time-honoured gifts, since they will remain family friends for ever.

This is the Standard Elephant, measuring 520mm long by 510mm high and 230mm wide (about 1ft 8in square and 9in across). Ideal for use as a footstool as well as simply to enjoy as an original work of art. Weight is about 4.50kg.

RRP £504. CCUK Members £319 including UK mainland delivery.

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