Wake Up Wine electric wine breather: best price for this Ingenious, award-winning, patented wine gadget: independent tests show how it improves wine in minutes, making it a perfect wine lover’s gift

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Sommeliers and wine aficionados all know that to bring out the best aromas and flavours in wine it should be decanted—which takes time and pre-planning. So one of the wine experts in the USA’s Sonoma wine region—where they are renowned for creating the best wine gadgets—has developed a quick and easy answer and named it Wake Up Wine. It’s an electronic decanter which attains even more oxygenation than decanting and brings the wine to its most drinkable state in minutes.
To put this into perspective, independent laboratory tests found that Wake Up Wine outperformed traditional decanting methods, achieving greater aeration in 10 minutes compared to the typical five hours needed for other methods, without changing the personality of the wine: it simply improved aroma and flavour.
This innovstive patented wine aerator is stylish, simple, easy to use, and has captured the imagination of leading sommeliers, as well as industry awards. It works by means of a built-in rotating arm which gently circulates the wine to maximise bouquet and flavour. It has a touch screen display to adjust the time depending on the wine, and can be set up in seconds. It comes with a stylish glass decanter, a wine filter and a USB cable for charging.
Wake Up Wine arrives in a smart presentation box and makes a seriously good gift for all who want to improve their wines in an instant.
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