Turrall Bamboo Classic Fly Box with Summer Hatch Match of 32 Trout Flies


England is the birthplace of the sport of flyfishing and H Turrall & Co Ltd of Devon is the longest established company of fly dressers. In the North Devon area there has long been a heritage of making artificial flies for sporting flyfishers, and in 1963 Colonel Hugh Turrall founded the company which bears his name, organising local craftsmen to produce the consistent, high-quality flies which have become renowned the world over.

Turrall remain totally focused on making a product of the very best quality, from hooks made using Sheffield steel, tying with superfine extra-strong polyester threads, and using only natural feathers and furs procured from the four corners of the globe. Production is based on individual craftspeople, all trained in Turrall’s exacting methods and standards, and each an expert in his area of specialisation.

Our Members can now order all Turrall’s fly products at exclusive Club rates, from the finest salmon, seatrout and trout flies, individually and in sets, to fly boxes and, for keen fly dressers, flytying kit, and to introduce this partnership we have a beautiful set of the Bamboo Classic Fly Box with 32 trout flies to match the seasonal hatch in summer. The pocket-sized box is crafted from mellowed split cane so it is lightweight and floats, and it has slotted foam inserts to hold your flies securely. It has brass hinges, a magnetic closure, and is finished with a natural satin lacquer making it a real thing of beauty. It contains two flies of each pattern to reflect each stage of development for the fly, from Pale Evening Nymph to Emerger to Dun and Imago, the Medium Olive series, the Blue Winged Olive series and the Pale Watery series, including such famous fly patterns as Hare’s Ear Nymph, Cul de Canard, Tup’s Indispensable and Sulphur Spinner, each a work of art in its own right. No flyfisher can have too many flies or too many flyboxes, and any fisher would be delighted to own these in this high quality. He may not catch more fish, but he can at least own the very best!
RRP £45 plus delivery. CCUK £35. Free UK mainland delivery. Bamboo Fly Box and 32 Trout Flies

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