The Formula One Of Fly Reels: the British designed and made RB1: #7-9

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IF you want the Formula 1 of fly reels, look no further than the RB1, an anti-reverse reel designed with salmon fishing in mind and built in Britain—a technological breakthrough which marks a new era in fly reel design. This UK reel redefines quality.

The Fly Reel Company was set up in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, with a single aim: to design, develop and produce high-performance British-made fly reels. That aim has been achieved at the first attempt, collaborating with Lancaster University engineering department in the pioneering use of cutting-edge materials including aerospace-grade aluminium, titanium and high-grade composites, combined with CNC-precision engineering technology.

The RB1 (for Reel Britannia) features a unique fully-sealed carbon kevlar brake set-up which works on both sides of the spool at once, effectively doubling the drag system efficiency. A robust one-way pin bearing, capable of withstanding enormous force, operates this drag system and the unique anti-reverse system.

The robust construction of the frame and spool means it is suitable for fishing in extreme conditions, and although developed for salmon fishing it is capable of taking on saltwater big game species that require a serious drag system and a large capacity of backing—this reel is perfect for speed merchants such as bonefish, and for powerful tearaways including tarpon, sailfish and giant trevally as well as salmon.

The Fly Reel Company involved Lancaster University’s engineering department in the prototype, testing dozens of drag materials under extreme conditions to select the compound with the highest performance. The chosen compound, coupled with titanium disks, not only withstands temperatures in excess of 200°C, it provides a silky-smooth drag with virtually no stick-slip, a phenomenon that had plagued fly reel designers for many years.

All in all, we would like to hear the roar of the Formula 1 engine too—but this head-turning fly reel settles for the most amazing click sound option, so we can hear the music of the reel on the way out.
RB1 #7-9. Diameter 4in. Weight 236g. Line capacity 250m, 20lb. RRP £549. CCUK £379. #7-9

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