Ingenious Fishermen’s Fly Box Tool Set from Snowbee: a super gift and a snip at £29 delivered


Snowbee’s ingenious new Waterproof Fly Box Tool Set is the perfect kit to take to the river—and any fisherman (or woman) would find it useful. Waterproof, clear-view, and double-sided, one side holds up to 147 flies, the other holds the tools a fisher will need when fishing: lockable bent-end forceps, quality pin-on zinger, line cleaner and leader straightener and snips for trimming the leader.

The flybox is fitted with a micro-slit, high-density ethafoam liner, which holds all sizes of flies easily and securely with ample depth under the lid for all sizes of flies. Transparent ABS lids allow the contents to be seen at a glance for quick, easy fly and tool selection—and if you want to convert the entire box into a flybox able to accommodate 294 flies, an extra ethafoam fly pad will do the trick.Â

All-round silicone for total water protection. Dimensions: 4in wide x 6in high x 1.5in deep.

RRP £37 plus delivery. CCUK £29 including UK mainland delivery.

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