Simply the best optics for stalking and all country pursuits: Swarovski EL Range Finder 8×42 Binoculars

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IF ever you have wondered whether you should pay more to own a pair of quality binoculars, one look at the optics your stalker is carrying should give you a fair indication. The stalker has no interest in fashion. He will be using the best binoculars he can afford because, to him, hunting a stag means first finding a stag, which is his livelihood—and where the best binoculars come in. The rangefinder feature quickly tells him the distance to the beast, so that a shot can be taken.

Ask any deer stalker which binoculars he uses and he will almost certainly tell you Swarovski. In the Highlands, up on the high tops where there are great distances between man and beast, greater clarity of vision is the difference between success and failure. Ask a lowland Rifle and he will tell you that the light-gathering qualities of the best Swarovski binoculars give ‘at least an extra half-hour at dawn and dusk, and better vision all day’. Both know from personal experience why having top-quality optics is important.

For those of us who are not professionals, quality matters just the same. Why use inferior optics and waste our own precious time? If we can stalk a stag we otherwise would have lost, see the feather pattern on a bird, or the expression on the face of our horse as he jumps the last fence at Cheltenham, aren’t these precious moments worth the extra?

Which is why the Swarovski EL Range Finder 8x42s are among our Cherished Objects. They are the best, and the experts all know it.

Why the range finder rather than plain binoculars? Adding a range finder seems a logical combination of technology. Not only does it mean carrying less equipment, there is less fumbling between binoculars and range finder when a target comes in view.

Combining technologies does increase the price, but if you purchase a laser rangefinder and binoculars separately, you pay more. To add an extra element of frugality, Members can purchase the superlative quality Swarovski EL Range Finder 8×42 at an advantageous price (limited supply).

Non Members £3,045. CCUK £2,699 including UK mainland delivery.

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