Stay in HM The King’s idyllic private retreat in Transylvania: the King’s home in a land of unique beauty, where he goes to unwind amid flower meadows, virgin forests and the idyllic rural life: Bear watching, riding, birdwatching and more: Members receive exclusive rates

Transylvania Cottage

HM The King invites CountryClubuk Members to enjoy his country home deep in Transylvania, and another owned by his friend Count Kálnoky. This is where the King goes to unwind—not in palaces but in beautifully restored houses deep in the countryside. They stand in one of the most picturesque and bucolic regions in all Europe, filled with flower meadows and virgin forests, a natural farming country where farmworkers still harvest using scythes and where elderflowers comprise the major farm crop.


It is, as one might imagine, the perfect retreat for the former Prince of Wales, himself a pioneer of organic farming. He first went to Transylvania in 1998, and, as he puts it, became ‘totally overwhelmed by its unique beauty and its extraordinarily rich heritage’.

It will surely be a fascinating holiday idea to follow, literally, in the King’s footsteps—and perhaps to sleep in the room where customarily the Prince lays his head—and to find out what so attracted him to this countryside that he has already bought and restored two properties and is buying more.

CountryClubuk has therefore arranged for this to happen. Through us and the Count, it is incredibly easy to do: you can stay in both guesthouses (unless the Prince is actually in residence), with the Count as your host, and be transported between them. You will be thoroughly cared for and cooked for by the Prince’s own local staff, drink wine from his cellar, have guided tours from his local historian and ecologist, set out on bear-watching, animal-tracking and bird-watching expeditions and historical visits, and go riding, either on horseback, or in the horse and trap—and, in winter, horse and sleigh. You can also take a riding trail across country—for a week, three days or a single day, just as you wish.

The King’s idea is to rediscover the cultural and natural diversity of this unspoilt part of Europe, and to meet the local people—who adore the King since he took an interest in their livelihoods. Such as Neni Etelka, 78-year-old matriarch of the watermill at Kisbacon, which has ground the local wheat for nearly three centuries. Neni has a photograph of Prince Charles, and another of herself on the back of a motorbike ridden by Prince Harry, who visited with friends on a road tour.

As to the guesthouses, the King’s home is at Zalánpatak. The Count’s is in Miklósvár. The King’s house is the former residence of the village judge, and is accessible only along a bumpy road. There is little traffic; the only sounds are of birdsong, the tinkling waters of a nearby stream, the hum of insects, the occasional rattle of horse and trap and, on winter nights, the howling of wolves.

Here there are seven rooms in three cottages, all stylish and comfortable rather than lavish, and with en-suite bathrooms. The main house has a drawing/dining room and kitchen, there is a barn and an alcove with benches and tables for dining outdoors.

Zalánpatak is the King’s Transylvanian Nature retreat on the edge of the tiny hamlet Valea Zalanului, deep in the Carpathian foothills. It is nestled among wild orchid meadows and forests roamed by bears. Across the valley the hills are punctuated by streams, by clusters of trees and old-fashioned hayricks, and meadows tended by men wielding hoes and cutting corn using scythes. It is a scene out of Pieter Brueghel’s Harvesters—a picture that was painted in the 16th century.

Count Kálnoky’s guesthouse at Miklósvár stands in countryside that is almost unbelievably beautiful. The stylish and authentic guesthouse itself is arranged around a courtyard containing a well. The bedroom favoured by the Prince (room four), is filled with furnishings recalling the region’s Hungarian heritage.Miklósvár is a good base for trips to the settlements of Sighisoara and Brasov—and to the Bran Castle of Dracula fame (who can forget Transylvania’s fictional anti-hero and the non-fictional character on whom he is modelled—Vlad The Impaler, with whom the Prince of Wales claims kinship?). It is a place from which to visit (and swim in) Saint Anna Lake, contained in a crater, to take Nature trails, to see brown bears, wild boar, deer and hares, and to walk in the Carpathian foothills. An art historian and an ecologist are on hand to guide you.

And this is far from being a summer holiday only: winter is a most beautiful season in Transylvania, fresh snow cloaking the forests and houses. Winter lasts from the end of October until the beginning of April, and it means you can enjoy a fairytale experience, from sledge rides down the volcano crater to skating on the frozen lake of St Anna, or skiing at Poiana Brasov, or sleigh-riding under thick fur blankets.

All in all, the Prince’s Transylvanian enterprise offers a unique chance to follow, literally, in HM the King’s footsteps on a journey, not only across an untouched landscape, but also back in time.

Club rates to stay at the guesthouses start from £27 each per night sharing a double room, including copious breakfasts. Our ‘all-inclusive’ Club rates include guided excursions and activities, entry fees, full board with wine and restaurant meals, à la carte or picnics during the tours, transport (including transfers between the three guesthouse locations) and local taxes.

The King’s Transylvanian home and Count Kálnoky’s Estate
Zalanpatak and Miklosvar
Carpathian Mountains

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