Holiday travel insurance from Campbell Irvine, underwritten by Allianz, with extensive Covid-19 cover included in the price

Campbell Irvine offer holiday travel insurance with extensive Covid-19 cover included—and now CountryClubuk Members can benefit from the advantages.

Campbell Irvine are a trusted insurance specialist firm with their head office in London. They have been providing travel insurance around the world for almost half a century, and we at CountryClubuk have known the firm for much of that time. They excel in providing high-level travel insurance for leading UK travel agents, tour operators and insurance brokers, and at this time of Covid-19, because of the importance of having sound and comprehensive travel insurance, we believe that now is the moment to introduce Campbell Irvine to our Members.

The Campbell Irvine Direct Travel Insurance policy, underwritten by Allianz, includes extensive cancellation cover due to Covid-19. In addition to covering the cost of necessary medical emergency treatment incurred overseas due to the insured persons being diagnosed with the novel Coronavirus (Covid-19), the cancellation cover will also reimburse any irrecoverable payments and charges made for pre-paid travel and accommodation if you have to cancel yourr trip due to a doctor diagnosing either you or your insured travelling companion with Covid-19, and as a result being advised not to travel.

In addition to covering medical emergency treatment overseas if diagnosed with Covid-19, the cancellation cover will also provide cover if you have to cancel your trip if diagnosed with Covid-19 and advised not to travel, or if you are denied boarding by your airline as a result of displaying symptoms of the virus. Their extensive cover also includes cancellation due to you or your travelling companion’s confirmed direct exposure to Covid-19 via the NHS Test and Trace programme and being advised not to travel.

The Campbell Irvine Direct travel insurance policy has extensive Covid-19 cover including cancellation prior to travel, curtailment of your trip, quarantine, and medical expenses while overseas.

You can choose single trip, multi trip and annual insurance for individuals, couples and families, offering:

Up to £10 million medical expenses and repatriation expenses (with 365/24/7 emergency assistance), including Covid-19 cover (including being diagnosed with an epidemic or pandemic disease such as Covid-19 as well as being subject to compulsory quarantine on the orders of a treating doctor), the insurer will pay up to:

£3,000pp cancellation cover, with option to extend up to £10,000pp, including Covid-19 cover

Covid-19 quarantine cover before and during travel if insured is instructed to self-isolate by a doctor or government authority

Diagnostic tests: the insurer will pay up to £10,000 for diagnostic tests incurred outside your home country

£2,000 personal property cover

£2 million personal liability

£50,000 legal expenses

£25,000 personal accident

Screening for pre-existing medical conditions available

Sympathetic and personal approach to the handling of claims

21-day ‘cooling-off’ period after purchasing a policy

Helplines: Within this Campbell Irvine Travel Insurance travel policy you receive:

24-hour Emergency medical assistance

Pre-departure Medical screening helpline

Click here for an immediate quote using the CountryClubuk section of Campbell Irvine’s website.

For answers to frequently asked questions, read on:

Does the Campbell Irvine Direct travel insurance policy include cover for Covid-19?

What Covid-19 cover is included in the Campbell Irvine Travel Insurance policy?
Cover is included for cancellation prior to departure, person specific quarantine both prior to departure and whilst overseas, curtailment of a trip and overseas medical expenses.

How do I purchase it?
You can check your individual rates, and purchase a policy, on the Campbell Irvine website by clicking here. Or you can call Campbell Irvine Direct for further details and assistance on 020 7938 1734.

Does the Campbell Irvine Direct policy cover me if I am diagnosed with Covid-19 while travelling overseas?
Yes, all necessary medical emergency and associated expenses will be covered.

One member of my family travelling with me is diagnosed with Covid-19 and is subject to compulsory quarantine by the treating doctor—are we all covered for any additional accommodation and travel costs incurred?
Yes, provided you are able to obtain medical evidence from the treating doctor or local authority to confirm the quarantine order.

Am I covered for cancellation if I am diagnosed with Covid-19 before I travel?
Yes. If you are diagnosed with Covid-19 and cannot travel, cancellation cover will apply so long your GP confirms the diagnosis and the fact that you are not able to travel.

Is cancellation cover included if the official Government track and trace app tells me to quarantine / self-isolate?
Yes. There is quarantine cover under the Cancellation section. As long as evidence of the individual quarantine request from the NHS can be provided, including the NHS track & trace app, then a claim can be considered. The underwriters will consider a claim when the client is using the official NHS / Government App and not any other.

Am I covered if denied boarding by my airline due to high temperature check?
Yes. The policy provides cover for cancellation so long as you are formally diagnosed with an illness that on medical grounds prevents travel and is supported by a medical certificate from your GP. This includes Covid-19.

Are the cost of my Visas covered if I have to cancel due being diagnosed with Covid-19 and therefore unable to travel?
Yes. In the event of a valid cancellation claim, the cancellation section will reimburse irrecoverable costs incurred including Visas, which only cover the period of your cancelled trip.

Am I covered if I decide to travel against FCDO advice?
No. There is no cover for the entire duration of your trip if you commence travel contrary to FCDO advice. However, if you are unable to travel due to an insured reason, you will be entitled to submit a cancellation claim even if the FCDO advice against travel is in place. If you are already overseas, cover may remain in place until such time as you can return home. Speak to Campbell Irvine for more details.

Am I covered for cancellation should the UK be locked down?
No. In the event that the UK is ordered to ‘Lockdown’ again there would be no cover under the insurance in respect of Cancellation claims. However, CountryClubuk will offer you a new date for your holiday, or a refund, subject to the terms under which you made your booking.

What if there is a local lockdown?
There is no cancellation cover for a local lockdown or any other ‘general’ lockdown. The quarantine cover is valid for the specified insured person and persons are instructed to self isolate due to their being diagnosed or directly exposed to the virus, not if a whole region is told to self-isolate. Again, CountryClubuk will offer you a new date for your holiday, or a refund, subject to the terms under which you made your booking.

Am I covered if the country I am travelling in goes into lockdown?
No, there would be no cover for any costs (accommodation/travel) incurred in the event of the country you are travelling in being locked down.

What if I am travelling overseas and am instructed to quarantine or self-isolate?
You will be covered for any additional accommodation or travel expenses, provided you can produce medical evidence that you have either been diagnosed with Covid-19 or directly exposed to Covid-19.

Can I make a cancellation claim if a mandatory quarantine is re-introduced?
No. If after you book your holiday the Government reinstates a mandatory quarantine when you arrive back in the UK, you cannot make a claim if you simply wish not to travel. The quarantine cover on the insurance applies only if the individual insured is instructed to quarantine either prior to travel or while overseas. It does not cover general quarantine orders. Your airline or your CountryClubuk Membership may allow you to change your dates or receive a refund.

What if I arrive at my destination, and I am refused entry due to a high temperature and am forced into isolation for 14 days?
There is quarantine cover under the Medical Expenses section of the policy for any necessary medical expenses, as well as any additional travel or accommodation costs.

I am travelling with family—one individual contracts (or is suspected of contracting) Covid-19. The whole family has to self-isolate for 14 days—will additional accommodation / flight costs to return home be covered?
There is quarantine cover for all insured persons under the Medical section, which includes cover for additional accommodation and flights.

A close relative has contracted Covid-19, so am I am unable to travel, am I covered for cancellation or curtailment?
Yes. The policy will provide cover in the event that a defined close relative is diagnosed as having Covid-19, which on medical grounds will require your presence. This will need to be certified by their GP.

Is cancellation/curtailment cover provided if I am due to visit a family member overseas and they are diagnosed with Covid-19 and have to self-isolate?
Yes, cover is provided subject to the family member being under the policy definition of a close relative. Medical evidence will need to be provided. Cover will not apply to friends or distant relatives.

I arrive at my holiday destination but I am instructed by the local authorities to self-isolate in my hotel but I have pre-booked and paid for excursions, what am I covered for?
Providing booked and paid-for excursions are non-refundable, the insurance will reimburse these costs—less the standard policy excess and subject to you being able to provide documentary evidence to support the instruction to quarantine from either the Government, public authority of the country you are in or the treating doctor.

I want to ‘top up’ my cancellation cover over the standard £3,000pp.
If you pay the appropriate additional premium the cancellation sum insured can be increased.

Is Covid-19 deemed to be a pre-existing medical condition?
Yes. It is important that Members contact the Campbell Irvine medical screening company if they have visited their GP, been hospitalised or have been prescribed medication due to Covid-19. It must be noted on the policy as a pre-existing condition and any relevant additional premium paid to the medial screening helpline.

Where can I view the policy details?
Click here to check details and view the full policy.

Specialist insurance can be arranged for those with serious pre-existing medical conditions, and for those who wish to travel against British FCDO advice, including business travel. Contact Campbell Irvine for details.

The above FAQs are intended only as a summary of the policy cover. Full details may be found in the policy wording, a copy of which is available from Campbell Irvine Ltd.

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