CUT at 45 Park Lane: the amazing steaks of celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck from A-list haunt Spago in Beverly Hills: and for you, free Champagne!

Here is a top-notch Mayfair restaurant where you can now enjoy the famous chef Wolfgang Puck’s fine food—and as a CountryClubuk Member, a complimentary glass of Champagne. The restaurant is of course Cut at 45 Park Lane, created by Puck in The Dorchester’s now famous five-star sister hotel.

If you have not yet sampled this restaurant, you are in for a treat: Wolfgang Puck is a US celebrity chef famous as creator of Spago in Beverly Hills as well as regular US television appearances. This, his first London foray, opened in 2011 and is currently being applauded for ‘the best-cooked steaks in London’ among other things in a restaurant adorned with a dozen Damien Hirst pieces, acres of pale marble and soundproof floor-to-ceiling glass shielding diners from Park Lane.

Puck’s innovative, expertly executed food is focused on beef—from A5 Wagyu Kagoshima beef from Japan to USDA prime cuts and home-bred South Devon Angus—yet his repertoire includes plenty of seafood and vegetarian dishes such as pan-roasted lobster, sautéed fresh fish and seasonal salads, with an exceptional list of 600 wines.

As a Club Member, you and your guests will be welcomed with a glass of chilled Champagne, followed by whatever menu you choose. Book a table for a special occasion or a simple lunch with clients, family or friends—and don’t miss your complimentary Champagne! For more details, and to book your table, please call the Member Services team on 020 7399 2960 or follow the link below.

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