Massoti classic Italian knitwear: the roll neck in finest pure Merino wool: perfect for a smooth man about town: especially at our exclusive best price!


Now is the time for our chaps to snap up a classic fine knit Italian Merino wool sweater—and, of course, at a more advantageous price. This super roll neck, beautifully designed and made in Italy by Massoti, will keep a man warm, yet it is sleek, light, non-bulky and silky-smooth. It looks fresh and stylish under a jacket, and it is soft enough to wear alone—really crucial when it’s a roll-neck!

Massoti design and make this roll neck using only 21-gauge Australian merino wool—literally the best in the world. That curly, glossy hair is the secret of the classic merino sweater: what makes it soft and smooth as well as light, and costing up to £150 a sweater! Our Members of course enjoy a far better pricing arrangement: you can order this for only £49, delivered to your door.

Choose from 11 colours: black, French claret, silver grey, natural beige, mint green, bitter chocolate, dark navy, sky blue, deep fern green, cardinal red and lemon. Fully fashioned, fine knit, 21-gauge pure Merino wool. Machine washable.

RRP £93. CCUK £49. Free UK mainland delivery.

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