Technical merit with style: the Musto Technical Tweed Shooting Jacket in Carrick Tweed

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It looks like a classic, well-cut tweed shooting coat, and so it is: but behind the smart turnout lies a touch of innovative genius which can actually improve your shooting performance.

When he goes shooting, an English gentleman naturally wears a well-tailored tweed suit. Tweed has been the de-rigueur, understated, covertside camouflage for generations, protector against cold, wind, rain and snow, and altogether pukka smart turnout. But tweed can also prevent freedom of movement—the weight and cut creates drag across the shoulder, restricting a free swing of the gun. All these thoughts went into the development of Musto’s new shooting coats, causing the invention of a new cloth, which they named Stretch Technical Tweed.

Here in desirable Carrick tweed so that Members have the benefit of a pre-eminent shoot coat and a great deal. For full details, read on . . .

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