Gurteen: best price for this elegant and smart pure linen herringbone jacket by our English tailors: beautifully tailored, high-quality, original jacket to enjoy wearing all summer long: regular fitting, 40in chest

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A stylish linen jacket in a natural colour that is something other than plain navy or cream is a great idea for summer in town and country—so we were delighted to see this beautiful jacket from our English tailors. It looks at first sight like a pure wool herringbone—but behaves like the pure linen it really is, other than over-creasing, which being herringbone it is far less prone to doing. It is cool, comfortable, and gentlemanly. This is a high-quality jacket to really enjoy wearing throughout spring, summer and early autumn.

The colour is like unripe wheat, a tasteful shade of green-tinged pale corn—with a beautiful herringbone weave, smart vertical stripe of cranberry and a muted blue cross-weave—highly original, elegant and attractive. It has all the high-quality tailoring details: matched stripes, well-tailored cut and lining, two front flapped and jetted pockets, breast pocket and that mark of gentlemanly style, a ticket pocket. The next best thing about it is its natural style and versatility: it is as good for town as country. It is perfectly at home at smart shows and race meetings, Sunday lunch and visits to the vicar, the bank manager or the in-laws, where it will keep you cool and unflustered, no matter what pressure you find yourself under.

The jacket is trim, not boxy through the waist. This is what we are looking for in pretty much any jacket, especially one in linen, and this one is designed and tailored by our English tailors, whose heritage stretches back to 1784 when a master weaver, Daniel Gurteen, first set up in business. As to linen, since the ancient Egyptians wrapped their mummies in it, linen has been one of the most popular textiles in history. It is particularly associated with summer thanks to the fact that it feels cool to the touch and has the ability to absorb and lose moisture rapidly. It is particularly comfortable in humid weather, or when you find yourself under pressure—unlike cotton, which can end up feeling unpleasantly damp.

Another advantage is that linen improves with age, becoming softer the more it is worn. This jacket also styles beautifully in a modern way. It looks equally good with patterns or plain colours picking up any of the shades.

Size: regular fitting in 40in chest.

RRP £195 plus delivery. CCUK £89 including free UK mainland delivery.

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