Magee of Donegal well-cut, pure wool Navy Blazer: single breasted, stylish, versatile: the classic jacket for all seasons and occasions


No part of a man’s wardrobe is more versatile than the classic pure wool navy blazer—and here is a beautifully cut, hand-finished blazer which looks and feels made to measure: including such details as hand stitching on the lapels to create a better‘roll’, along the front seam and the lining, so that the jacket hangs as it should.

The classic blazer goes with almost anything, all year round: striped shirts and plain; formal ties and snazzy;open-necked or cravat;khakis, flannels and jeans;oxfords, loafers and deck shoes. Some well-dressed men practically live in a blazer, and it is indispensable for sport and social occasions,travel and business. All this means also that the blazer is the one jacket which needs replacing more often than others, but it needs to be well cut and well tailored, and this one is a super buy at the advantageous Club price.

Handsome and well cut, tailored by Magee of Ireland in pure new wool, this blazer is classic single breasted, two button style, with two flapped and jetted straight front pockets and double side vents. This fine blazer is beautifully tailored by Magee in 340g (12oz) wool; it fits and hangs extremely well and is a very smart jacket. It has four interior pockets, one buttoned for security and one for tickets, within the smart burgundy lining. The buttons (two at the front and four on the sleeves) are crested, brass and navy—but it is always a good idea to add your regimental or club buttons to make a blazer your own.

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