Proper Panama hat: the high quality Superfine Folder (Grade 8) from Christy & Co: with gold embossed storage tube


To make sure Members have the best, our Club hatmaker is Christys’ & Co, the world’s oldest milliner (since the 1770s). Christys’ Panama hats are superb, hand-made from the original Ecuadorian hoods. They also take longer to produce and prices reflect this. Through the Club, however, Members enjoy a more advantageous price.

The proper Panama hat is the one that folds without damage into a narrow tube. The quality is determined by the fineness and evenness of its weave, and the strength and colour of the straw—and this one is Christys’ best Panama hat, the superfine (grade 8), the hoods hand woven in Ecuador and the hats then handmade in England.

The extreme comfort of a Panama hat is created by its ability to act as an air conditioner on the head, allowing cooling breezes to circulate as well as shading you from the sun—which is of course why it remains the summer hat of choice across the generations.

The hat comes in sizes 55-62cm (6 3/4in to 7 5/8in) and arrives with Christys’ traditional gold-embossed red hat tube.
Christy & Co Superfine (Grade 8) Folder Panama Hat, bleached, with black band and cream binding (or navy band and cream binding). Arrives with Christys’ gold embossed hat tube.

Panama Hat including tube: RRP £163. CCUK £97. Free UK mainland delivery.

To check your hat size, take a measuring tape and place it around the circumference of the head, slightly above the ears, with the tape held fairly closely to the head. Measure your head. If you don’t have a tape measure, use a piece of string or wool to measure around your head and then check the length using a ruler or other measure.
Equivalent sizes are: 21.7in is UK 6 3/4 (55cm); 22in is UK 6 7/8 (56cm); 22.4in is UK 7 (57cm); 22.8in is UK 7 1/8 (58cm); 23.2in is UK 7 1/4 (59cm); 23.6in is UK 7 3/8 (60cm); 24in is UK 7 1/2 (61cm); 24.4in is UK 7 5/8 (62cm). Hat and Folder Tube

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