Suite of Orchid Pearls

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These new Orchid pearls have a quality and radiance that is heavenly. In naturally delicate hues that are stunningly beautiful, when they arrived here at the Club in London from Hawaii we were enchanted.

The pearls are in lustrous shades of champagne, peach, silver, lavender and white—and all are entirely natural in colour, each just as it came from the shell where it formed over years. Pearls are, after all, the world’s only living gemstone to require no artifice: perhaps it is why women love them.

They were designed by our specialist pearl jeweller in the Hawaiian Islands, as a full suite of pearls—necklace, bracelet and earrings. The result embodies romance, elegance and purity of form: all the refinement of the pearl necklace, yet producing a different illusion. This is pure couture—it works with every outfit, classic or contemporary. The necklace is 25in (64cm), the perfect length to wear with a dress, silk shirt or cashmere top—and bewitching with a low-cut neckline.

The pearls are hand strung and individually knotted by our jeweller, who chooses each pearl—in the necklace alone there are more than 60 pearls, round and of high quality, with only the slightest birthmarks to testify to their natural origins. They are 8.5-9.5mm, and the necklace is slightly graduated to hang beautifully, finished with a 14ct yellow gold clasp.

The matching Orchid Pearl bracelet is 8in (20cm), its natural pearls larger than the necklace, at 10-11mm, also finished with a 14ct gold clasp. The stud earrings are in 7.5mm rose pearls on 14ct gold. RRP £890. CCUK £450.

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