Precious, prized, high lustre Japanese Akoya pearls of AAA quality, in the Symphony Necklace set with diamonds and gold

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Prized for their brilliant high lustre and colour, the Japanese Akoya pearls in this fine necklace are a symbol of elegance and beauty. Produced by Japan’s Akoya oysters, they are the most valued of all pearls and here in the Symphony Necklace a single strand of AAA quality round, lustrous Akoya pearls of exceptional large size and graduation are captured with a precious clasp of white gold and brilliant-cut diamonds. This is a necklace for sophisticated pearl lovers. Akoya pearls grow from only 3mm to 10mm at their very biggest, so this necklace of pearls from 9.5mm to 10mm is rare. Also rare is to find a graduated Akoya pearl necklace—to create the graduation the pearl jeweller must have literally hundreds of these highly valuable pearls to match the colour and size graduation. Each pearl in our necklace has been selected by our pearl jeweller in the South Pacific and beautifully hand knotted so that the necklace is fluid in the hand and on the neck. The clasp features a line of diamonds on a round 14ct brushed white gold ball setting. The strand is 18in.

RRP £4,900. CCUK £1,790.

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