Spectacular La Gioconda Baroque Pearl, Diamond, Peridot and 14ct Gold Necklace: Save £1,800

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The moment we saw this spectacular new designer necklace and earrings in baroque pearls, diamonds and gems, we were wowed. They look simply amazing. Those wonderful, uniquely shaped large natural baroque pearls, highlighted with the glimmering green of the peridot gemstones, the violet hues of amethysts, and diamonds, all set in gleaming yellow gold, are works of art as well as precious jewellery, and aptly named La Gioconda.

Baroque pearls are haute couture as well as historic—prized by Queens of England, they are also in the latest collections, from Alexander McQueen to Celine and more—and this international designer suite is magnificent. The natural beauty of these baroque pearls is derived from their superb lustre and irregular, yet beautiful silhouettes. The unique, organic shapes make them a marvel to behold and a true fashion statement. Each jewel, seemingly a polar opposite of the traditional view of pearl jewellery, is a conversation piece. Well-formed, quality baroque pearls such as these are prized by pearl lovers.

And the striking design is itself a conversation piece: this necklace of no fewer than 23 large, lustrous natural baroque orchid pearls is highlighted by gold, diamonds and oval cut gemstones, the beautiful, scintillating green of peridot, the stone of the Hawaiian Islands, and the violet-hued amethyst. The pearls are in natural, subtle orchid shades of pale silver, lavender, pink and white, culminating in the valuable, fabulously large and lustrous 32mm long white baroque pearl, showcased in its own gold setting highlighted by an amethyst gem. As befits its fine beauty, the necklace is finished with a 14ct gold clasp set with glittering white diamonds.

The earrings mirror the fabulous drop baroque pearl of the necklace. Also set in 14ct yellow gold, their glittering oval-cut amethyst gemstones dancing above the valuable baroque pearl, they are supremely beautiful, adding the climax to the necklace—or stunning when worn alone. These are spectacular earrings which totally embody this season’s designer looks.

La Gioconda Natural Baroque Pearl, Diamond, Peridot, Amethyst and 14ct Gold Necklace: Length, excluding drop, 46cm (18in). RRP £3,050. CCUK £1,197.

For earrings, see separate item in the web shop: La Gioconda Natural Baroque Pearl, Amethyst and 14ct Gold Earrings. Earring length 46mm (1.8in). Code LG17CC04. RRP £1,950. CCUK £893.

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