Fabulous Bas-Fond Sautoir Necklace in sterling silver and mother-of pearl

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With Tatler naming the sautoir a key jewellery trend, and Kate Moss flaunting the power of navel-dusting jewellery at every entrance, these yard-long necklaces are really hitting the headlines—and the waistlines—this season. Enter the new Bas-Fond Sautoir, which looks stunning.

A sautoir must be long of course, but it must also be ladylike, sculptural, and naturally valuable—and the Bas-Fond has it all. It is the epitome of wearable organic art, combining an extra-long sterling silver chain showcasing a gleaming circle of mother-of-pearl, its organic nature emphasised in irregular ripples in beautiful, irridescent sea-shore tones—silvery sand, beige-pink pearl and oyster.The result is a fashionable necklace which catches the eye worn in so many different ways: à la Kate Moss with a plain black scoop-neck top and jacket, jeans and knits, and the dressiest of dresses.As to the all-important length, the Bas-Fond chain is a yard long—36in (91cm)—and the circlet itself is 2in (5cm) in diameter.

The sterling silver chain can be worn separately and teamed with other gems and jewels, making a particularly useful addition to any jewellery collection. RRP £235. CCUK £79.

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