Breathtakingly beautiful new natural South Sea Black Pearl Necklace, ‘Fidelio’

Original price was: £6,000.00.Current price is: £1,970.00.

The breathtaking colour of natural South Sea Black Pearls makes them among the most exquisite and prized pearls in the world. Created by the exotic black-lipped oyster found in the waters around the islands and atolls of Tahiti, their fabulous colours in this glorious necklace are like the shining sea: rich, lustrous shades of silvered gunmetal with hues of green, black, purple, blue, peacock and silver: they are bewitching in their beauty, with only the smallest ‘birthmarks’ to testify to their origins in the South Seas. Because of the variety in colour, shape and size, it can take years to assemble a harmonious necklace such as this. The pearls are not only a truly harmonious colour, they are the perfect size, graduating gently from 10mm to 12mm—large enough to make a statement yet supremely elegant to wear with everything from an evening dress to a cashmere sweater. Each pearl in this magnetising black pearl necklace was chosen, strung and knotted by hand by our pearl jeweller in the South Seas. It is 17in long and finished with a 14ct gold clasp. RRP £6,000. CCUK £1,970.

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