Futuristic fashion: crystal and antiqued metal cuff, £15

Original price was: £20.00.Current price is: £15.00.

We spied this stunning crystal and studded antiqued metal Moondaze Cuff among the new season’s costume jewellery. It is one of those contemporary pieces that aspire to being an art form in its own right. With its lean, monochrome line, its combination of glam crystal domes and antiqued metalwork, it embraces the new style of masculine energy and feminine allure—Cleopatra meets Jean-Paul Gaultier.

It works perfectly with everything from a slinky evening dress to a pencil skirt and shirt, a cocktail dress or jeans and tee-shirt: it modernises your staples at a stroke. Not only is it versatile, it fits every wrist: a clever hinge means the crystal domes either cross, as pictured, on a slim wrist, or move farther apart. Either way, the effect is stunning. RRP £20. CCUK £15.

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