Limited Edition Large South Sea Golden Pearl Earrings

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Natural golden South Sea pearls are the most luxurious and expensive of pearls, the epitome of exotic sun-drenched island treasure. Exceptionally large and lustrous, the pearls emerge from the warm tropical seas as a unique living gem with a shining golden hue, a miracle of Nature. If you are looking for an exceptional and enchanting jewel, the natural golden pearl may be just what you seek. We found them on our recent travels in the South Seas, and could not wait to show them to you.

The South Sea golden pearl is naturally coloured by its formation in the gold-lipped oyster in the warm tropical oceans. The matching gold pearls are large (9.5mm), lustrous, round, with a beautiful golden hue and the smallest ‘birth marks’ to denote their origins as a living gem. Selected and mounted on 14ct yellow gold by our pearl jeweller in the Hawaiian Isles, they are simply gorgeous: classic pearls, yet highly original. They look amazing.

Large Golden Pearl Earrings from the new South Sea Golden Pearl Collection. Prsented in a smart presentation case, they can be gift wrapped and sent with your message if required. RRP £625. CCUK £295.

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