Ducks in a row, by Dora Designs: a happy way to stop the wind whistling under the door

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We have an affinity with duck. In cricket, we are out for one. In poker, they are a pair of twos. Presidents are lame ducks. The vulnerable are sitting ducks. The Lord loves a duck. And to be organised, we have our ducks all in a row … and so they are here, in this happy lineup of a mallard and her following brood.

Anybody whose pleasures have ever included being entertained by duck and ducklings on lake, pond, river, farmyard or wide-open marshes will be delighted with this new mallard family. A draught excluder of distinction, the interconnected lineup of a mother duck followed by her four ducklings—the collective noun for which should surely be a waddle—make an unusual and happy gift.

Designed by Angela Stevens, founder of Dora Designs of Langtoft, near Peterborough, this not only pleasing but stylish family of duck and ducklings are well made from green, red and gold brocade fabric embellished with gold ribbon.

Designed to stop draughts from whistling under your door, they are filled with sand to give the necessary weight to double as a doorstop. They look rather good along the back of a sofa, too, adding to the gaiety of life. Wherever you place them, they add distinct character to living room, dining room, study or bedroom.

Length, from duck bill to duckling tail, 84cm (2ft 9in). Weight 2kg.
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