The world’s best gardening gloves: Gold Leaf Dry Touch all-round gloves with extra sensitivity: a snip at £19


Gold leaf gloves are probably the best gardening gloves you can find. Considered the best in the world, they have won top awards and accolades everywhere from Chelsea Flower Show to Gardening Which? and Charlie Dimmock, Alan Titchmarsh and The Flowerpot Gang. The secret lies in the quality of the leather—they use the soft, supple deerskin otherwise used only in premium couture gloves—and the fit. Both of which are better than other, even more expensive types, and last longer. Gold Leaf are made by Jayco of Southampton. They look like yellow gauntlets, with cuffs that protect the wrist as well as the hands. The high-quality leather allows you to feel what’s going on, and the stitching won’t give up in a couple of months. They actually fit, too, and are fully lined for comfort, which stops your hands from getting so sweaty. If you wish to treat your favourite gardener to a gift, you can do no better than a pair of these gloves. You will be forever in their good books. So, here are the top three from the Gold Leaf range for you to choose, at exclusive prices for our Members:

Dry Touch gloves are good for general purpose use, and offer great sensitivity. RRP £25. CCUK £19.

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