Book Wimbledon 2024 Debenture Tickets: Thursday, July 11: Club rate only £695 plus VAT, saving a cool £720


To be there in person on the Show Courts at Wimbledon is a prize worth having: small fortunes are spent to achieve this in any year, and our Club rate makes it even more special. Wimbledon Debenture Tickets puts you in the best seats to see the best tennis players in the world, soaking up the unique, classically English atmosphere. These Debenture Seats—which have cost Debenture Holders £50,000-plus—are the only Wimbledon tickets which can legitimately be bought or sold. But usually they come at quite a price! So we are delighted to have secured even a limited supply of these prized tickets at only £695 plus VAT, saving our Members over £700 per person.
So if you wish to go to Wimbledon with family and friends, to entertain clients, or to give these prized tickets as the ultimate tennis lovers’ gift, this is an excellent time to snap them up. On the Debenture Holders’ website you will see that the price currently starts at £1,295 plus VAT (£1,554 per person) for the same Debenture Tickets we have negotiated at £834 including VAT, which is the second Thursday of Wimbledon, July 11, 2024.
You will have access to the Debenture Holders’ Lounge and can add wining and dining to our Debenture Tickets later (subject to availability).
We have a very limited number of tickets, they will be allocated on a strict first-come-first-served basis, and as we know they will be extremely popular with our Members, please don’t delay!
The price is per ticket, but they can be booked only in pairs.