The ultimate leather cartridge bag, handmade by Croots England: 150 cartridges

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The ultimate handmade leather cartridge bag from the Croots England Malton range—so beautifully made and polished that it gleams. Handmade by these superb Yorkshire craftsmen using thick, oiled bridle leather, lined with soft suede, this cartridge bag is so well made and finished it could be a couturier handbag.

As a piece of fine sporting kit it has the essential hinged speed-load design for quick access, solid brass buckles, heavy-duty stitching and a comfortably wide, adjustable shoulder strap. It carries 150 cartridges, possibly more, yet is neat and compact. There is ample room to emboss the flap with initials, to make it a very personal possession, and it comes in a lovely rich Havana leather, this season in 150 cartridge capacity as well as 100. No matter how many cartridge bags you own, at this price and in this quality you will want to possess one of these.
Croots England Malton Cartridge Bag. Capacity 150 cartridges. RRP £275 plus delivery. CCUK £189. Free UK mainland delivery. 150 cartridges

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