Smart new gadget from Bisley: mini LED torch which thinks it’s a shotgun cartridge


In the interests of making boring things fun, here are two new ideas from the shooting chaps at Bisley. They spend long hours, days and weeks creating important shooting kit such as rifle mounts and hearing protectors, but now they have introduced two things which look like shooting kit but in fact are for everybody. First, a vacuum flask in the shape of a shotgun cartridge—and here, a small LED torch, also in the shape of a shotgun cartridge.

We think they are both brilliant—you may or may not need another vacuum flask, but every member of the family could certainly do with a small torch in their car, handbag, back pocket or shooting kit. So, down to the details:

the bright new 9-LED torch, also in the shape of a shotgun cartridge.

Great fun, and useful too. It even arrives in a presentation box, with batteries. Choose from green or black, or have both, since the entire family could do with at least one each.

Measures 97mm x 29mm.
RRP £10. CCUK £6. Free UK mainland delivery.

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