Bisley Active Electronic ear defenders: best price for these favourite active hearing protection ear defenders: you can hear the birds!


With Bisley’s Active Electronic ear defenders you can hear the birds and your neighbour’s conversation without losing hearing protection.

These ear defenders are favourites. The electronic circuitry ensures dynamic noise compression, and microphone filters reduce annoying wind noise. An impressive 24db SNR protection level and comfortable ear cushions improve safety and comfort, while volume controls are independently operated. During gunfire, the dynamic noise compression circuitry automatically limits the sound at the ear to a maximum of 24dB.

The advanced circuitry benefits wearers with impaired hearing, and these ear defenders can be used with behind-the-ear style digital hearing aids—it is never too late to start protecting your hearing.

The slim ear cup allows the Gun to mount the stock without hitting the cup, as happens with bulkier ear defenders. They are green and arrive in a smart carry case. Weight 250g.

RRP £86 plus delivery. CCUK £69 including UK mainland delivery.

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