Grandeur in the Greek Isles: a fabulous 6-star, 10-night Regent Seven Seas Greek Islands Cruise aboard the newly launched Seven Seas Grandeur on her first voyage to explore the Wonders of Antiquity carrying Art treasures including a Fabergé egg: with a complimentary two-category suite upgrade and up to 47% saving

Join us for a 6-star 10-night Wonders of the Ancient World Greek Islands Regent Seven Seas cruise, combining the Treasures of Antiquity with Sun and Sea, Wine and Gourmet Cuisine aboard their finest newly launched Seven Seas Grandeur, including a free two-category suite upgrade plus savings of up to 47%. The date is June 11, 2024, a perfect time of year to sail the sun-kissed seas of Greece and Turkey from Istanbul to Athens

Luxuriate in the cradle of Western Civilisation, see the antiquities and mysteries which shaped our lives, bask in the Greek islands sunshine, relax on white-sand beaches and swim in the warm, clear turquoise waters, drink Champagne and dine on gourmet cuisine, and see the beauties of some of the world’s most wonderful islands and seascapes from your private veranda and suite on this amazing all-inclusive holiday, ‘Grandeur in the Greek Isles’. It’s a cruise to refresh all the senses!

The superb itinerary encompasses the full panoply of Western civilisation in Ancient Greece and Turkey: We shall visit scores of the most iconic sights in history, from the Acropolis and Parthenon to Colossus, as well as the uninhabited island of Delos, birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. We shall visit fine-wine vineyards and taste gourmet cuisines, explore the Greek islands, Mykonos and Rhodes, while being pampered on a multi-award-winning, six-star cruise, with free return flights, free gratuities and up to 50 free shore excursions.

This six-star luxury cruise is a magical voyage from Istanbul to Athens (Piraeus). The dates are June 11 to 21, 2024. Everything is included: your luxurious suite with your private veranda on the new 736-passenger Regent Seven Seas Grandeur, return flights and transfers, excellent and unlimited wines, fine dining in gourmet speciality restaurants, private dining in your suite, up to 50 free port excursions, free gratuities and more . . . all that is left for you to do is relax in the Mediterranean sunshine.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises wins the most coveted awards: Best for Accommodation: Best for Luxury: Best for Excursions: Best Luxury Cruise Line: Favourite Cruise Line and more.

And for all this fully-inclusive luxury you have exclusive access to special rates available only to you as a CountryClubuk Member, saving up to 47% off the brochure fare and including a complimentary two-category suite upgrade—and you are literally sailing in a new six-star multi-million-pound state-of-the-art hotel. Think of the Dorchester Hotel afloat! So if you are seeking a six-star holiday, and you want an exclusive Members’ price from only £5,369 as well as the height of luxury, please read on—and enjoy!

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You are invited to cruise aboard the six-star luxury ship Regent Seven Seas Grandeur, to luxuriate in the Cradle of Western Civilisation, bask in the Greek islands sunshine, relax on white-sand beaches and swim in the warm turquoise seas, to drink Champagne and dine on gourmet cuisine, and to see the beauties of some of the world’s most wonderful islands and seascapes from your private veranda. Your rate will be from only £5,899 per person for a six-star luxury suite with private veranda and simply everything included: complimentary flights, excellent wines, fine cuisine in a variety of speciality restaurants and up to 50 free top-grade shore excursions.

Is it really possible to choose just the one Greek island or historic Turkish city for 10 days’ stress-free escapism and culture in the ‘Cradle of Western Civilisation’? Surely not! Far better instead to sail your way around the deep blue waters, with every day a fresh vision of new and iconic sights laid at your feet, ready for you to explore. You can do as much, or as little, as you please.

This luxury cruise through the Greek Islands and Turkey is a fantastic way to see the roots of our civilisation in the way that ancient seafarers did—arriving from the sea, then basking in the pleasures of the islands. Those who love history and antiquities will immerse themselves in centuries of civilisation, from the Ancient World to the Crusades—no dry-as-dust world but one filled with the exploits of real figures of history, as well as fantasies of the imagination. Those who love islands, beaches and crystal seas will also be in heaven, as on this cruise are islands which rank among the most beautiful in the world. And all who love fine wine and the freshest gourmet cuisines will also be in raptures over this cruise on Regent’s recently launched luxury ship in her inaugural year.

Our Members receive an exclusive rate: But, even more importantly, what an itinerary! For starters, you can explore the two great capital cities: Istanbul and Athens. And then there are the islands, and the hidden gems. Great Ottoman riches await us. And as we move between the Greek and Turkish treasure-houses we have the opportunity to relax on a stunning beach or two, with stops in Mykonos and Rhodes.

The dates are in June 2024—considered the best month to visit Greece and Turkey, combining cooler temperatures with guaranteed sunshine from dawn to dusk.

For the spectacular ‘Grandeur in the Greek Isles’ 10-night itinerary, please read on:

We fly from the UK to Istanbul to board our six-star cruise ship, Seven Seas Grandeur, on Tuesday, June 11, 2024, ready to set sail on the evening tide; after which our itinerary is: Wed Jun 12, Mytilini (Lesbos), Greece; Thurs Jun 13, Mykonos, Greece; Fri Jun 14, Ephesus (Kusadasi), Turkey; Sat Jun 15, Patmos, Greece; Sun Jun 16, Rhodes, Greece; Mon Jun 17, Limassol, Cyprus; Tue Jun 18, Antalya, Turkey; Wed Jun 19, Bodrum, Turkey; Thur Jun 20, Heraklion (Crete), Greece; Fri Jun 21, Athens (Piraeus), Greece; flight home to UK.

We open our cruise in Istanbul. Bridging Europe and Asia Minor, this great capital was founded by Constantine the Great. The history dates back 16 centuries to the powerful Byzantine and Ottoman Empires—and if you have chosen Grandeur’s Concierge Suites and above you will enjoy an extra day and five-star night in Istanbul to explore the sights in this legendary city, allowing more time to explore its highlights. Tour the magnificent courtyards of Topkapi Palace, stroll among the treasures of the Blue Mosque with its unique six minarets, then view Dolmabahce Palace, the one-time residence of the sultans. Or you may cruise along the Bosphorus for a unique perspective of the city’s seaside mansions, mosques and palaces. Take a stroll among the winding byways of the Grand Bazaar and the exotic stalls of the Spice Bazaar.

Boarding Grandeur, we shall sail at 6pm, leaving the glittering lights of Istanbul behind us as we enjoy the finale to our day, wining and dining in the excellent new gourmet restaurants, finishing perhaps with a nightcap on the balcony of our private suite as Seven Seas Grandeur sails through the night. As dawn breaks we shall glimpse the first of our sun-baked Greek islands, Mytilini.

Birthplace of leading figures in the intellectual world, Greece’s third largest island became a major cultural centre in antiquity. Mytilini is known for its Philosophical Academy, where Epicurus and Aristotle once taught, as well as for being the birthplace of the poet Sappho, writer of lyric poetry and music. Visit the Monastery of Taxiarches, dedicated to the island’s patron, Holy Archangel Michael, and enjoy wonderful views of the town below. Then journey to the village of Agiasos, site of the beautiful Church of the Virgin Mary with its icon of the Mother of God holding baby Jesus. It is said to work miracles, attracting pilgrims to travel from afar. The extraordinary chandeliers and colourful artistry of the church’s interior are marvellous in themselves. There will be time at leisure to further explore Agiasos, visit an inviting café, admire the charming architecture or shop for a perfect memento.

Then it’s back to our six-star cruise ship, Grandeur. for another evening of pleasure as she sails on to Mykonos, this most picture-perfect of Greek islands. Steeped in Greek mythology, Mykonos was named after Apollo’s grandson, Mykons, and was the location of the grand battle between Zeus and the Gigantes. Today, this island is one of Greece’s most adored destinations due to its stunning setting. It is also a superb example of Cycladic architecture, and by law even new buildings must be built in the same style of whitewashed, organic, cube-like buildings. Be sure to plan a day trip to take in picturesque Little Venice, the unique Paraportiani church, and the archaeological dig at Delos. All these and more are at our feet on Mykonos, from exploring the ancient historical sites to strolling along the famous beaches, for which the island is known as the ‘Capri of Greece’ .

After another wonderful night on board Grandeur we shall arrive at Ephesus, one more highlight of our voyage. This vibrant classical city representing some of the best preserved Greek and Roman ruins in the Mediterranean. The site is a treasure trove for enthusiasts of Ancient Roman and Greek history, allowing us to walk through its streets and view its magnificent houses, temples and stadia—and you can survey this UNESCO World Heritage site under the tutelage of an expert archaeologist. You will view parts of Ephesus off-limits to most visitors, with a guided look at some of the sites’ most breathtaking ruins. As you walk the white marbled pathways, note the grooves made by centuries of chariot wheels. Stand in awe before the great Library of Celsus, and sit for a moment as the past seems to come alive at the Great Amphitheatre, carved from the side of a mountain, the classical theatre where it is believed Saint Paul preached to the Pagans. This mythical treasure-trove includes the Cave of the Seven Sleepers, so called because legend has it that the Romans locked seven Christian boys there in 250 AD, who awoke in the 5th century.

Next on our itinerary is the small yet significant Greek town of Patmos, with its walled monastery and precariously perched whitewashed houses. Explore the tiny winding alleyways leading up to the imposing Monastery of St. John the Divine. Enter through the cave where he experiences his revelation in AD95. Admire the chapel holding relics of the revered saint and view frescoes depicting his life and miracles. Discover rare icons, chalices and 33 leaves of Saint Mark’s Gospel in the monastery’s museum. At Simandris House enjoy an intriguing blend of architectural styles and antiques, followed by spectacular vistas of the blue Aegean Sea sparkling as far as the eye can see. Cool off at one of the many public beaches or discover your own private cove. Shop for sacred icons, exquisite jewellery, quality leather goods, fine ceramics and original artwork. Enjoy a glass of local wine or tour a local olive grove. Savour delicious mezes accompanied by Greek wine or ouzo and enjoy a spirited folk dance performance before returning to Grandeur for another sophisticated evening of pleasure and indulgence aboard ship.

And then there is Rhodes, where we can enjoy more of this wondrous culture—or simply a stroll on a sun-baked beach and a swim in the turquoise waters. Renowned as the site of the former Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, Rhodes was home to the Knights of St John from the 12th to 16th centuries. Their famous Palace of the Grand Masters remains a ‘must-see’, as are many of the inns occupied by the Crusaders and the replica of the old church. For a more in-depth look at the city, you can take in the archeological site where the Acropolis of Rhodes and the ancient stadium stand.

The luxury of Seven Seas Grandeur awaits as always, and we shall wine and dine the night away as we sail on to Limassol, jumping-off point to explore the ancient riches of Cyprus. View ruins, vast groves of lemons, oranges and olives, majestic mountains and scenery, and stunning beaches. Visit Lemesos Castle, where Richard the Lionheart married Berengaria of Navarre. Or stroll through ancient Curium and admire its stunning mosaics, theatre, basilica and panoramic views over the sea. Venture inland to Nicosia and its wonders, the Cathedral of St John, the Venetian fortifications, a restored old town and mosque and the museum. Take home lace, copper, jewellery and pottery. Enjoy a selection of appetizers so extensive it can be a hearty meal, as well as fresh seafood accompanied by a delicious glass of wine.

Dawn breaks over Antalya, a delightful ancient town and its many treasures, from the superb artefacts in the museum to Ottoman mansions, Byzantine churches and mosques, Hadrian’s Gate, and the ancient Roman harbour now restored and alive with cafés and pleasure boats. Aspendos, near Antalya, had already been going strong for a millennium when work began on the semicircular stone theatre in about 160AD. Its original capacity was 8,000-15,000 people. But what really blows you away is how well preserved it is—one of the most intact classical theatres in the world. It’s still in use, with an international opera and ballet festival every summer.

Or head for the magnificent ruins of Perge and Aspendos and imagine the history of these cities, from Alexander to St Paul, the Romans and Arabs. Stand in awe of the huge Roman theatre and the crumbling aqueduct. Look for local handicrafts in the old town including carpets, copperware, jewellery, leather goods and textiles. Try some kebabs, stuffed grape leaf ‘dolmas’ and the local dessert called beurrek, a cheese-filled pastry. Enjoy a cup of Turkish coffee or glass of wine with any of these for a delicious light meal.

More riches await as we arrive at sun-blessed Bodrum, on Turkey’s Aegean coast. Located in the south-western corner of Anatolia, Bodrum is a coastal town where sleek yachts are anchored in twin bays beneath the walls of a medieval Crusaders’ castle. The town owes its fame to Mausolus and his famous ‘Mausoleum’,one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Bodrum’s other claim to fame comes from Herodotus, the Father of History and the first person to write a comprehensive world history of the West.

The capital city of Greece’s largest island, Heraklion beguiles with two of Crete’s must-see sights: the state-of-the-art Heraklion Archaeological Museum, home to treasures of Minoan civilization and finds covering over 5,500 years of Crete’s history; and the Palace of Knossos, a centre of Minoan power that dates back to 2000BC, revered as the location of the mythic Minotaur’s Labyrinth. Take in spectacular harbour views from Iraklion’s 13th-century fortress and revitalised waterfront, where ‘fish taverns’ serve authentic Cretan dishes such as sweet or salty kaltsounia served with raki, Crete’s local spirit. This is a spectacular destination and we shall be inspired as we return to Grandeur for another relaxing evening before our final destination, Athens.

Magnificent Athens is gateway to the fascinations of the ancient world and Piraeus is the gateway to the ancient city, known as the Cradle of Western Civilisation because of its immense impact on cultural and political achievements throughout the world. A historian’s delight, Athens is of course home to such magnificent wonders as the Acropolis, the Parthenon, the atmospheric winding streets of the Plaka, the Temple of Olympian Zeus and the Temple of Athena Nike, as well as the Archaeological Museum with the world’s finest collection of ancient artifacts. This will be a fitting finale to our spectacular cruise before finally it must end and we shall disembark for our flight home to the UK.


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