The Stafford, historic 5-star hotel in St James’s with famous American Bar and Gamebird Restaurant | Rooms from £275 with free upgrade

If only the historic walls of the elegant Stafford Hotel in St James’s could talk: what a tale they would tell, of Royal indiscretion and heroic espionage in World War Two.

The five-star Stafford is a smart and discreet 17th-century private hotel and former club at 16-18 St James’s Place. A hidden passageway from its wine cellars led directly to St James’s Palace, used by King Charles II to carouse undetected with his gambling friends and mistresses.

Later, in the Second World War, Allied secret agents used it to get in and out of the Palace. And because at that time the Stafford was a club for American and Canadian officers stationed here during the war, they sought refuge in the cellars during the Blitz—a good cover story for spies.

Now, with its views over Green Park, its excellent service, its famous American Bar and much else, including a new restaurant, the Stafford is a hidden delight which we should all enjoy more often.

Our Members’ advantageous rates start at £275 plus VAT for a Double room for two (RR £650), including full English breakfast and a complimentary room upgrade if this is available when you arrive. Full list of rates:

Classic Queen: CCUK £275 (RR£650).
Classic King: CCUK £304 (RR £690).
Deluxe King: CCUK £354 (RR £750).
Main House Junior Suite: CCUK £433 (RR £950).
Mews Junior Suite: CCUK £542 (RR £1,050).
Main House Master Suite: CCUK £600 (RR £1,225).
Mews Master Suite: CCUK £683 (RR £1,375).

All rates subject to a discretionary 5% service charge.



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