Top looks from the new Really Wild Collection: perfect style, the Blackwatch Sparkle Coat and Trouser Suit: trousers


The suit is all about sleek sophistication—and the new Blackwatch Sparkle coat and trouser suit is one of Really Wild’s standout key pieces this season—and the Editor’s pick. It’s an original look with timeless style and built-in versatility.

Wear together, with the coat buttoned up over nothing more than a silk tee, and it’s city-sleek for serious situations, from boardroom to Guildhall, playing up the jewellery, hair and makeup with, of course, the perfect stilletos.

And then again, when the serious business is over, the cool, modern way to wear this suit is to break it up—and nothing looks better than this stylish coat worn loose over shirt and slacks or jeans for your own personal everyday fashion-forward style. The trousers meanwhile will effortlessly add sparkle to anything from a cashmere roll-neck—standout in black, red, orange or a glowing fuchsia pink—or a silk shirt, tank or tee. You’ll feel great, whether your goal is looking good for a party or a country weekend, or a leisurely day or evening at home.

The fact is, nothing beats great tailoring—and in true Really Wild style these pieces are beautifully cut and tailored in 100% textured luxury wool tweed, fully lined for the perfect drape.

Blackwatch Sparkle Straight Leg Trousers. RRP £295. CCUK £219.

See separate listing for Blackwatch Sparkle Harrington Coat. Sizes UK 6-16. RRP £445. CCUK £325.

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