‘Thrilling, classy’ 2019 Gavi di Gavi, Italy, La Giustiniana, Piemonte, Terre Antiche: only £130 per case of 12 bottles delivered


Matthew Jukes, regarded as one of the world’s leading wine experts, has singled out one of the Club wines, Terre Antiche, Gavi di Gavi, in his column, writing: ‘When awe-inspiring Gavi experts La Giustiniana first released this wine I fell in love at first taste. It seemed amazing that an estate of this lofty stature would be prepared to make a less formal, everyday style of Gavi, bearing in mind that their elite Crus, Montessora and Lugarara, are the finest of their kind, and sales trip along nicely even though they are both twice the price of this, their Terre Antiche.

‘Gavi is the most overrated of all chic Italian whites, but the wines from this exquisite producer in the heart of Rovereto are genuinely thrilling. Terre Antiche is not a chunky, hefty wine and it certainly doesn’t involve any oak like so many of its misguided competitors! Terre Antiche is perfectly weighted, seamless and just about the classiest aperitif I can think of.’

The wine is scented and delicate with hints of lime zest and apple, and a good zip on the palate, and our Members buy this classy Piemonte wine at the trade price of £130. If you have not yet tried it, now is the time before the world at large reads Matthew Jukes’s comments and snaps it up:

2019 Gavi, Italy, La Giustiniana, Piemonte, Terre Antiche. Case of 12 bottles delivered. RRP £190. CCUK £139.

Case of 12 bottles delivered (UK mainland)

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