Wine essentials: the SoireeHome wine set designed by wine connoisseurs from the Napa Valley, USA: an interesting, practical gift


We found this set of wine gadgets to be extremely useful, as all three fulfil a need for anybody who enjoys wine, and all three work.

The inventors are wine experts from Napa Valley, so that probably explains it. They go by the name of SoireeHome. First, that long thin gadget on the left is the Tempour, a bottle chiller, filter, pourer and wine stopper all in one. This usually costs £40 on its own. Then there is the Soiree Classic (top right), an award-winning glass bulb designed to aerate wine, a bottle or a single glass at a time. This works well too, and it usually costs over £20.

Lastly, the Stopair is a vacuum preserver, another award-winner. This gently removes excess air from an unfinished bottle of wine, preventing it spoiling through oxidation. It means you don’t absolutely have to drink the whole bottle in one go to enjoy it. The gadget is easy to use: insert into a bottle and pump 10-15 times to remove excess air. It then stays put, to act as bottle stopper. This gadget costs over £15 (for two) so the whole set has a value of just over £70.

It makes an interesting, practical gift for a wine drinker. CCUK £49.

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