Sophisticated pure silk ties for the artistic man: homage to the English designer William Morris

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A man needs a new silk tie for the new season. For one thing, women notice ties, so it’s no good hanging on to the same old faithful and thinking nobody will notice. It’s why the designers spend so long creating them, why the literary greats have long known that the tie maketh the man—and why wearing an artistic tie makes a man look so extraordinarily interesting. So here are details from the extremely sophisticated Pre-Raphaelite decoration of William Morris, in a collection created by Fox & Chave: perfect for city suits, blazers and linen jackets, worn with shirts of every hue. Morris, who abhored mass-production, created every design by hand.

From the left: ‘Artichoke’, with swirling tendrils in a symmetrical pattern; ‘Golden Lilies’, one of Morris’s greatest legacies; ‘Birds’, a theme to which he returned again and again; ‘Lechlade’, Morris’s famous 1893 design, now in the V&A ; ‘Snakeshead’, an oriental theme, designed in 1876.

RRP £30 each. CCUK £19.50.


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