The proper pure black silk bow tie: perfect for black tie occasions: self tie


The proper pure black silk bow tie for a gentleman to wear with an evening shirt. We advocate buying the self-tie, as it always looks correct, and it is easy to see if a bow tie has been tied or not (it is said that HM The Queen can detect a pre-tied bow tie at 20 paces! Makes a chap shudder). This excellent bow tie fits all collar sizes from 14 1/2in to 18 1/2 in. We have a bow tie tying guide for anybody who requests one.

RRP £45. CCUK £25. Free UK mainland delivery.

We always stock fine Rocola pure cotton marcella dress shirts, pure silk evening scarves in white, black, or reversible black and white, and silk cummerbunds. To order, please call Member Services on 020 7399 2960 or search the web shop.

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