From Paris, The Lady and The Unicorn pure silk tie: From a 16th century tapestry design


One of a group of superb tapestries from 1500s Paris, The Lady and The Unicorn ‘À mon seul désir’. which inspired this delightful new silk tie is considered the ‘Mona Lisa of Tapestry’. It’s a joyful allegory which is a pleasure to wear, looking interestingly elegant with a city suit or country tweed.

The tapestries feature an enchanting combination of a deep red background strewn with an abundance of flowers—‘millefleurs’, French for ‘a thousand flowers’—and as a background for a tapestry, flowers were considered the height of fashion and sophistication. The symbolism attached to plants and animals conveyed a message, moral or otherwise, about the glory and abundance of Creation. Here, rabbits and goats are the featured wildlife: the rabbit denotes fertility, the dog represents loyalty, and the goat is all-knowing.

The tapestries are on display in the Musee National du Moyen Age (formerly the Musee de Cluny).

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