The supreme Ascot Fur Felt Grey Top Hat for formal occasions, made by the world’s oldest milliners, Christys’ & Co


This is the season for the finest of top hats. Weddings, Buckingham Palace Garden Parties, May Balls, the Epsom Derby, Royal Ascot—they are all too soon upon us. If your top hat is a family heirloom that still fits, good for you. If not, and if you want an heirloom in the making, Christys’ of London, the world’s oldest milliner, is the one to have—and through the Club you won’t need a second mortgage to own this piece of English history and craftsmanship.

Christys’ was founded in 1773 by Miller Christy, 24 years before the first top hat was worn. It caused actual panic on the streets of London. Nobody had seen anything like it: ladies fainted, dogs barked, horses shied, somebody broke an arm, and the hat’s wearer, John Heatherington, was fined £50—a small fortune at the time—for disturbing the peace.

Having perfected the art of making proper fur top hats at the outset, Christy passed his skills to the next generation and now, 236 years later, to be wearing a luxurious handmade Christys’ of London hat is to wear a classic, an original, as worn by an 18th-century gentleman, ready to be handed down to your son and heir, as the best top hats always are.

We have all Christys’ of London top hat styles. Grey is popular for summer weddings and racing, and the Christys’ Ascot Fur Felt Grey Top Hat is handmade in traditional fur, with a black grosgrain hatband, and beautifully lined in silk with the resplendent Christys’ of London gold, red and blue emblem in the top of the lining.

RRP £239. CCUK £159. Free UK mainland delivery.