The ultimate shave: silver tip badger hair shaving brush for men: by Kent, the Royal Warrant Holders

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Here is the ultimate shaving brush for a gentleman. Quite simply, it is the one the experts recommend. It is made entirely by hand by Kent, holders of the Royal Warrant to HM The Queen, and whose history goes back to 1777. The Kent experts advise that the medium size natural silver tip badger brush is the best a man can buy. Why not a larger brush, the sort one sees in films of men being profusely lathered in near prone positions at the barber’s? It’s just for show, say the experts. The aim is to lather the skin precisely, in an upward motion. A medium-size brush concentrates the stimulation, and the shaving soap, precisely where it is required. So, a myth exploded. Another is how to get soap on to the brush: instead of circling on the soap one flicks the brush across the soap. The reason? Badger hair is fine and that circular process winds the bristles tighter and tighter so eventually they snap or fall out. On the same theme, the reason why, after rinsing thoroughly and shaking off excess water, a brush is aired by being hung upside down from a stand is to prolong its life, preventing water settling in the base and rotting the brush. And lastly, why do the experts all recommend silver tip badger hair as providing the ultimate shaving experience?
Silver tip comes only from the soft neck area of the badger—grey badger can be from anywhere. Gently run your fingertips over the bristles—you will feel not only the softness but also resilience, which is what you are seeking for the ultimate shaving experience—and which you will certainly receive from the Kent Natural Silver Tip Badger Bristle Shaving Brush. It arrives in its smart red and gold presentation case with Royal Warrant insignia.

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