A Masterpiece in Gold – 18ct Yellow Gold Signet Ring, Save £1500!

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Only two serious rings are worn by gentlemen, and for those who wear a wedding ring, that leaves one—the signet ring, which is also a fine ring for a lady. Nothing is more personal. It is, in effect, the wearer’s signature, a link to one’s family history and to the continuing family heritage. The signet ring’s history began in Roman times, as mentioned by Cicero and Pliny. In England it goes back to the Middle Ages, when a seal authorised orders or sealed letters. From the 17th century on, gold signet rings became the ultimate portable mark of distinction. The most common signet rings were engraved with initials, monograms and family crests, from a simple letter to a full coat of arms. As these historical traditions continue, the option to engrave a unique and personal seal has maintained the popularity of the signet ring. It’s a matter of personal style, and the options are extensive. What is fundamental in creating a ring that will be handed down for generations is the quality of the making and engraving. Our craftsmen in gold are the best, and our engraving is by hand, the work of a master seal engraver with 30 years’ experience, including Royal connections, in creating the reverse image (intaglio) for sealing. Our signet rings are all ‘seal engraved’, a very specific skill whereby the image and lettering are carved very deeply, as well as in reverse. This traditional technique means that when the ring is pressed into softened wax to form the seal, the impression reveals a clear, correct image, which lesser engraving simply cannot match. All our signet rings are supplied with a boxed wax impression, which shows you the mirror image of your signet ring engraving. The substantial gold oval ring pictured above is one of the most handsome.Meticulously designed, it combines classic elegance with modern style. Men’s oval signet ring: Size of the oval bezel/head, 16x13mm.

Metal: 18ct yellow gold. Code SR18CC04. RRP £3,500. CCUK £1,998. For a consultation, call us on 020 7399 2960.

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