Wagyu Striploin Steak: best price for this delicious, full flavoured, succulent, tender, dry-aged steak with a marble score of 4+: minimum 5kg, save over £300


Serve this sublime British Wagyu steak striploin and your stock as a chef will soar! These fantastic dry-aged striploins are the Wagyu steaks served by the Michelin Star chefs—not the tiny portions of Japanese Wagyu but a full-size steak which beats all others for flavour, succulence, tenderness and more. It is delicious, perfect to create several top-class roasts for special dinners, to be sliced into gourmet steaks for the most upscale barbecue you can think of, or sliced and served for  the finest steak dinner, then frozen for many gourmet meals to come!

Fullblood Wagyu bulls are crossed to produce the excellent F1 breed which makes these great steaks. The fat is light and glossy, full of flavour throughout the steak, the flesh paler and firm yet so tender. Camera technology is used to grade each animal, the fat scores reaching a minimum of 4+, so you know precisely how good it is. All are assured by the British Wagyu Association, meaning exacting standards are met to protect the Wagyu brand.

These steaks are still very well marbled, and remarkably tender, the slightly lower marbling than the Japanese is great for those who do not like their meat too rich but still offers all of the positives of Wagyu beef.

Our Club Tasting Panel heartily recommend these amazing British Wagyu beef striploins! They weigh a minimum of 5kg, the full value is £700, and our Members enjoy the amazing direct-to-the-chefs’ price of £369, including delivery by refrigerated van to your door.

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