Succulent ostrich fillet steaks: one of the finest-flavoured meats in the world: no longer available


Sorry, no longer available due to avian flu and foot-and-mouth!

Ostrich fillet steaks are one of our Club Tasting Panel’s favourite meats. Exquisitely tender and succulent, this meat tastes like great beef steak but has less fat—and it loves both alcohol and fruit accompaniments. This tantalisingly delicious meat is brought direct from Australia by those intrepid Rick Stein Food Heroes, Jeanette and Rachel, of Alternative Meats in Cheshire. All are of the highest quality and ready for cooking.

It goes extremely well with a good Savigny-lès-Beaune wine (for more pinot noir selections, visit separate entries in the web shop or call Member Services on 020 7399 2960).
Six x 6oz (170g) ostrich fillet steaks, total weight 1.2kg.

RRP £63. CCUK £45. Free UK mainland delivery. 1.2kg.

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