Wild Canadian Spot Prawns: delicious prawns for a gourmet delight: 1kg


Wild Canadian Spot Prawns are a delicacy. Eaten as sashimi or lightly cooked, they are the sweetest, most succulent of all prawns, revered by chefs. The meat is buttery and melt-in-the-mouth. Simply cook with heads on—the heads are a gourmet delight in themselves, full of flavour to eat as they are, or to make amazing stock, sauce and soup.

The secret is not to overcook: raw is perfect, 2 minutes is maximum. These wild prawns have a season and it’s very short: early May to June. Which is why they are delivered to the Michelin Star chefs—and our Members—frozen.

Order 1kg (15 to 20 prawns per kg). Code SP22WH01. RRP £110. CCUK £59.50.

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