Sea-fresh live lobsters for a gourmet feast: four lobsters, minimum 450g each (total 1.8kg)


Now is the perfect time to enjoy a delicious, succulent lobster feast with friends and family—or simply téte-a-tête.
Live Canadian (Maine) lobsters (Homarus Americanus) are superb, and they are in prime peak season right now, flown in fresh each day. They are simply the sweetest, most succulent you will taste—and when you have tried them you will never want to order a pre-cooked lobster again.
These wild lobsters are caught by traditional lobster fishermen off the north-eastern coast of North America and flown straight to our suppliers for the UK’s Michelin-star chefs, top hotels—and now, happily, for our Members, who not only benefit from the fabulous quality but also from the Club’s chefs’ price.
The Canadians are known for having a sweeter flavour than our native lobsters. Our Tasting Panel were so wowed during the recent tasting that they were glowing in their praise.
These live lobsters are also very easy to cook (about 15 minutes’ gentle steaming for this size) and the taste is sublime. You can create any kind of grand dish of course, but because they are so delicious there is no need to do anything but serve fresh from the pan for a gourmet dinner centrepiece.
Weights vary from 450g to 552g per lobster. This is a perfect, and surprisingly easy, main course for one—and they can usually cost £30 to £50 per lobster. Our suppliers deliver them in refrigerated vans direct to your door (sadly, not all postcodes can be reached, so please check before ordering).
Four Canadian (Maine) live lobsters. RRP £120. CCUK £67. Including refrigerated van delivery.

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