Delicious, Sweet and Succulent Fresh Cooked Whole New Season Native Lobsters from Cromer in Norfolk: 3 kilo (either 3 x 1kg Lobsters, or 6 x 500g) Delivered to Your Door: currently unavailable: see Cornish lobsters


Now is the time to enjoy the ultimate sea-fresh native lobster from Cromer, North Norfolk. Succulent and sweet, full and bright in flavour and tender in texture, they are arguably the world’s finest lobsters, usually gracing the tables of the top Michelin Star restaurants, and now available to our Members. Traditionally pot caught to order by the local lobstermen, then freshly cooked overnight they will be delivered to your door the following day.

Why are Cromer native lobsters—and crabs—so spectacularly good? The secret lies in their habitat—just 200 yards off the shoreline lies the longest chalk reef in the world, a marine conservation area described by marine experts as ‘Britain’s Great Barrier Reef’. In fact it’s part of the chalk seam which stretches across England and includes the White Cliffs of Dover and the White Horse in Wiltshire, as well as the world famous chalk streams including Test and Itchen, mecca for trout flyfishers. This chalk reef means the waters here are warmer than usual, creating breeding grounds for huge quantities of easily available food—a marine haven for everything from sponges to anemones, starfish and fish including shoaling horse mackerel and bass.

The resulting lobsters are a seafood connoisseur’s delight, worthy of taking centre-stage at any feast, and now is the season to try them!

Whole 1kg lobsters, or two 500g, are presented cleaned and graded, ready to serve. Natural, preservative free, they make a delicious, healthy and easy meal, high in protein, Omega 3 and a good source of nutrients such as selenium, vitamin B12 and vitamin E.

Choose from 3 large lobsters, approximately 1 kilo each, to feed six as a main course. If you prefer to have six approximately 500g lobsters instead, to feed one person each, please click the box provided. If you prefer freshly dressed lobsters instead, please see separate item in the Club shop!

Non Members £148. CCUK £65 including free UK mainland overnight delivery (except Highlands and Islands).

Delivery days are Wed-Fri to avoid the weekends.

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